Ship Packages: 7.4 Billion Per Year

Ship Packages: 7.4 Billion Per Year

If you ship packages you may know why shipping times are so important.

But Now let’s give a look at the “big scheme” in the world of packages.

International shipping has become such an everyday part of our lives that we often don’t even think about how packages end up at our front door.
In reality, international shipping is a complex process with many moving parts and a history that is directly tied to the rise of aviation.
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People buy a lot of things online and as a result, 7.4 billion packages travel around the world each year, arriving in a few days and sometimes in a few hours too.

This means that on every given day over twenty million of packages travel around the world. Who ship this packages? How do they travel?
Major companies like FedEx, local post services, DHL, and Amazon.. they fly above us in the sky and pass on the highway.

How to Ship Packages faster than everyone?

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Yes, you guessed it by the title of the image.

Epackets are powerful for drop shippers and let me explain why.
If you do dropshipping with Shopify you will probably use Aliexpress. WHat’s the problem with that?

Shipping times are obnoxiously long and often clients ask for a refund or a chargeback. You can avoid all this with just $1. Yes, that’s how much ePackets costs. So with just $1 you can decrease dramatically shipping time. A decrease from 1 month to 1-3 weeks is a huge advantage over your competition.
By doing that you will also dramatically reduce the number of mad customers, refunds, and chargebacks.

Golden Nugget:

ePacket is the key to a faster and better shipping experience. But we can tell you that there is a better way to ship packets.

This is how you can ship packets to your clients faster and more efficiently than nearly everybody else.
What you have to do is combining ePacket and shipping zone.

Let’s consider a scenario. You want to sell watches and you are form the USA. so you feel comfortable selling in your country
In order to combine these two options, you have to choose items with ePaket and that have warehouses in the country you want to ship to.

By doing that you reduce shipping time by having a extraordinary advantage over your competitors.

Competiotion is good only when you beat competition.